The Top Three Apps for Cricket-Themed Games

With the rise of the IPL popularity (Indian Premier League) and the popularity of cricket tournaments as a whole, a new pastime appeared and became favored by most cricket enthusiasts – cricket betting. Betting on cricket and IPL betting is now undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular hobbies/pastimes. CricketBettingAdvice can give you a great insight into the world of online cricket betting, with the list of the best mobile apps for betting, free bets, and top cricket bookmarkers. 

Parallel to the interest in cricket betting, people who like to gamble and play online casino games started showing interest in cricket-themed casino games. For that reason, we’ve decided to compose a list of the three top-rated and most interesting cricket-themed game apps you can download and play to get a true sense of this aristocratic sport from the comfort of your home.     

Apps for cricket

List of the top three cricket-themed online casino games 

Here are our top three picks of cricket-themed online casino games you can download for free to your smartphone and play any time and from any place:  

1. Online casino slots with a cricket theme 

Cricket is a sport that first grew in popularity in England, but it’s no different in India, where the Indian Premier League is the most popular cricket tournament each year. With such tremendous popularity, cricket became a sport, a theme of numerous books and movies worldwide. Therefore, it’s only normal that developers of online games incorporate the themes from this sport into the games they work on. 

This growing popularity of cricket brings us to the notion of cricket-themed online casino slots. Cricket-themed online casino slots incorporate cricket equipment, popular cricket stars, and other cricket-related symbols on all slots in the game. Although cricket has complex rules, cricket-themed slots aren’t difficult to play, as they just incorporate the theme, not the game’s actual rules. Cricket-themed slots are fun, exciting, easy to play, and available for download to each smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection.   

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2. Cricket Heroes 

Developed by Endorphine, Cricket Heroes is an original online casino game with cricket-related features at its center. Since the aristocratic class initially played cricket, the developers of Cricket Heroes did their best to incorporate the true splendor of aristocracy and its zest into the game. You’ll feel like you went back in time when you played this game for the first time with a sense of luxury and well-refined graphics.

The game itself comes in a 3-row setting with slots organized in a 5-reel set, with 21 different pay lines available. There’s a symbol in the game that resembles the Prize Cup and the Cricket Ball. Every time you win more than three symbols in the form of a bonus, you’ll get a chance to win prizes multiplied by three through the Free-Games feature. In short, Cricket Heroes are the best online app for all those cricket enthusiasts who want a real sense of this incredible sport.   

3. Cricket Star 

Cricket Star is a game coming from Microgaming and is now a top-rated online casino slot game offering great fun and excitement. The dimensions of the game are 5×3, and it incorporates no less than 243 pay lines. As the name suggests, there are numerous cricket-themed features in the game, and more importantly, an RTP option (Return to Player) of 97%. 

In 2015, the online casino game app Cricket Star was released, and it is now an online game with a cricket theme closely released to the Cricket World Cup. Today, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular cricket-themed apps online with a huge fan base. The symbols on the game’s reels incorporate cricket players and teams, offering each player a remarkably personalized cricket-oriented gambling/gaming experience.   

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